03 Feb 2017
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In addition to water, experts at the forum also debated a number of other critical challenges affecting sustainability such as poverty, mining and waste management.

Participants say the urgent formation of strong public-private partnerships can help achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development goals.

With millions of people across the world living with acute water shortages, experts say a sustainable water supply is critical in order to reach the global goals aimed at reducing poverty and protecting the planet.

With South Africa in the throes of the worst drought in decades, researchers say cities will have to find innovative ways of harvesting water, and filling up their water supplies.

"Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in terms of water involves making sure that water is available for the other Sustainable Development Goals, but also working with water systems to make them more efficient as possible and critically bringing in new technology to help us to  maximise the re-use of water," says Professor Mark New from the African Climate and Development Initiative.


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